Cloud Call Center

Is a technical service allows you to receive and send calls and the possibility of external response from anywhere in the world, with the possibility of live monitoring for 24 hours without the need to exist staff at the sites of the company by transferring them to the Internet in a flexible and smooth and inexpensive:

Live surveillance screen

The live monitoring screen at the same time for the Call Cloudy Call Center system allows you to know all the details of the contact with the monitoring and quality of the work and the ability to control the communication by the supervisor by the possibility to access the call at the moment and listen to it by the supervisor or manager of the Center and listen to the call and intervene with the employee if necessary.

Detailed reports

You can now follow up on your call details in more than one way. All you have to do is choose the time and get the reports in a smooth and easy way. This feature works if you subscribe to CoolCenter or buy CoolCenter.

Mobile application to connect

It is a great light application that works on the Wi-Fi or 4G network, you can receive and send your calls from anywhere in the world, working in the background and features high sound quality and security technology.

Communication from computer

This is a custom version for CloudCenter users to make desktop connections, which are light on the device and automatically update themselves with the background function, alerts and high sound quality running on Windows and Mac.

IVR Professional Professional Response

Advanced IVR systems with several advanced IVR modes. Professional Queue and advanced voice tree. Queue management with many features, the area reserved for callers until they are transferred to the employee with the possibility of placing a voice message during the waiting period.

Uniform number (hotline or fixed line)

You can issue a unified number by communicating with STC and informing them of your desire to set up and activate the unified number service, if the company is in Saudi Arabia .. As for other countries, the same procedure is done by the company to issue a fixed or hot number and a link to your landline.
As for the land lines, it is best to be at the rate of two to three lines to be distributed back to the customer service staff and to avoid wasting your calls and reduce the waiting period for the customer for a long time.

Hardware Gateway Connection

It is a device through which the telephone lines are connected to the Callod system, so that you can use your lines in the receiving and sending of calls, the price of the device is paid once and there is no monthly fee, and comes in several sizes (support up to 4 lines, support up to 8 lines, And support up to 16 lines) If you have multiple branches and associated with the unified number, if the unified number is connected to analog landlines, then the gateway device can be used to connect the lines to the Call Center system and even if these lines are distributed in more than one branch , And if you have SIP or DID / DOD lines, you can also easily connect them to the Cloud Cool system If you have a mobile phone and not a unified number, all you have to do is the GSM Gateway. This device is able to add and use your mobile chips to receive and send calls from Anywhere, in addition to the possibility of adding automatic responses () when receiving a call on the slide and supports this device from two slices to 8 segments, depending on your lines.

Call distribution capability

The possibility of distributing calls between employees and employees in a number of ways (sequential distribution, random distribution, distribution of the lowest number of people receiving calls, etc.)

Possibility to add voice recording

The possibility of adding a voice or callback before answering the calls to the caller and also to the employee or employee (eg, a message to the employee before answering the call that the call from the financial department or from the complaints department to deal with the situation professionally and know the need of the caller before receiving the call)

A registered message property

The existence of a registered message feature when the client is waiting (such as the company's services during the waiting period as a message or guidance)

Employee evaluation property

Having an employee evaluation property after the call is finished

Add a waiting time

The possibility of adding the time waiting for the client to respond to his call and to impose 5 minutes and if the time ended the transfer of the call, for example, the answer or department manager or the request to record his voice message and others

International connectivity

International connectivity (if the company has several international branches - to save on the value of international calls)

Automatic reply feature

The automatic response feature is available through the smart electronic system (if the customer has a subscription number that he can dial directly)

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