Privacy & Policy:

1. Gate Waves has the right to refuse the contract of the hosting of any website in case that will contract will not be matching with its interest as set out in the second item.

2. Gate Waves has the right to prevent and withhold any use of the site and the server for the distribution, storage, processing, of any material not commensurate with its policies as described below:

● Illegal materials that include copyrighted works, and any materials that contradict the laws and regulations of any governmental side.

● This adult material includes pornographic material or images that are not in line with applicable norms and laws, various content inciting violence or disruptive acts, and Gate Waves for information technology company have the right to individually govern any materials used and classified as material for adults.

● Pirated materials such as pirated software, software “Hackers" and hacking passwords, spyware and viruses.

3. Gate Waves Information Technology company is the main determinant of the project implementation timeline, Gate Waves will not start working in the project after received all its payment.

4. Gate Waves Information Technology Company is committed to the delivery of the contracted project under the terms of the contract and the technical specifications mentioned therein as well as the schedule of implementation, and in the event that we do not occur we are obligated to implement a penalty clause for the client to deduct 5% of the cost of the project for every 5 working days Delay.

5. The company's obligation to deliver the project on schedule shall be in the form of the first inspection of the project, and the Customer shall submit the notes, if any, for one time only on the date specified for the receipt of these notices, and in the event that the client delay sending notes for 24 hours from the specified date, A new date for the implementation of the notes according to the agenda of the Design and Development section.

6. Gate Waves is committed to submit the second preview after the implementation of the notes on the first preview if any, and the client has to send either only one-time notes or final approval of the design, and in case of obtaining final approval on the design and then found other notes, Execution takes place after the payment of a accrued cost on these notes, which is estimated by the sales department of the company according to the number of hours of work to be consumed in the execution.

7. The company shall not deliver/upload and operate the designs and applications on the Internet until after the client has repaid the remaining percentage of the total cost of the project.

8. In case that the client wishes to cancel the project at any stage of the execution, he must send an official letter to the sales department of the company to discontinue the project, in which case he is not entitled to any payments made to the company.

9. All the designs that are implemented are owned to Gate Waves information technology company, and are the main control in terms of intellectual and literary property rights, and any irregularities or infringement of their literary rights may expose you to legal accountability.

10. The development of applications that are programmed by Gate Waves is delivered fully encrypted, and if the client wants to receive the open source application, an additional cost is calculated by the sales department of the company.

11. Gate Waves has the right to put a sentence at the end of each page of its design stating that "This site designed by Gate Waves ", and the client is not entitled to delete this sentence or the result of stopping the hosting service or stopping the site, if the customer wishes to raise This sentence has to pay 50% of the total cost of the project for one-time payment.

12. Gate Waves Information Technology Company shall deliver an official contract to each client which includes the services provided to him, and the contract between him and the company shall be deemed to be the approval of all the terms and conditions set forth in the company's website and found in this contract.

13. Gate Waves Information Technology company has the right to impose any penalty for any account/"warning, pause and termination of service" in cases of illegal use of any account without reference to the user, and to file a lawsuit before the competent courts.

14. The user must give all the information that required Gate Waves such as: name, address and all other information required on the registration forms and applications on the website of Gate Waves Information technology company and any defect in the correctness of information Required the client alone bears the consequences.

15. Gate Waves Information Technology company ensures the confidentiality of personal information related to its customers is fully maintained.

16. The domain name reservation or hosting package will only be initiated after the payment of the prescribed fees announced at the Gate Waves Information Technology website.

17. The company has the right to retain any amounts previously paid to any site that has been cancelled because of its violation of one or some of the prescribed terms, obligations and policies, as well as the right to refuse, cancel and suspend the service as its of point of view.

18. All payments made to Gate Waves and it are non-refundable and are accounted for in the costs of processing and preparation of the service provided regardless of usage.

19. In the event of a notification of any unauthorized script to our hosting plans, the client is informed, and it may be forced to stop the site until the client's position on the license is determined.

20. Gate Waves Information Technology company is the only person contracted with it to follow the contracting procedures and to communicate with the company about any service contracted, and no one else has the right to make any modification or request to obtain the password or make any change to this account except Official of the contracting person and his/her full data in the contract.

21. The Company shall grant any site or application delivered to the client the right to enjoy free technical support services for a full month from the date of receipt of the website and in the event of request for any modification after the said period, the cost of the service will be calculated and notified to the customer before starting the execution unless the problem is due to A temporary malfunction of one of our servers, which is based on the technical department's discretion as soon as the problem is received.

22. The contract responsible person in Gate Waves handling with the customer the outline of the proposed design and determine the required color scheme and sites similar to the site to be emulated, and in the case of rejection of the design two consecutive times, the client has the right to Take advantage of the latest proposed design and be offered to the customer free of charge otherwise, the company is entitled to an additional cost of making proposed new designs.

23. The abuse and mishandling of any of the employees of Gate Waves Information Technology in any way, such as the use of unacceptable language including insulting, defamatory, threatening or using words outside of public morals and other forms of psychological abuse, will not be tolerated or tolerated, whatever The reasons, and gives us immediate right to cancel the contract between the client and Gate Waves , and the customer is not entitled to claim any compensation or any payments.

24. Gat Waves Information Technology company the individual judgment will be in violation of any of the above rules and conditions and has the power to cancel the customer service if he violates the terms and the customer is not entitled to claim any payments.

25. Gate Waves Information Technology company may, at its discretion, add, Cancel, alter and amend any condition or provision of the current terms of service. These amendments are valid from the time they are posted on our website, so it is advisable to check our terms and conditions and read them carefully periodically on their website

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