Personal information:

G.W Technology Information Technology company assures you of the confidentiality of all personal information and data collected such as name, email, telephone number, address data, business activity.
Any information collected through your visit to our website, such as site visit times, registration info, data about the devices connected to us, specific website pages you visit and other sources of information.

Website usage and Cookies

G.W Technology collects different types of your data once you visit our website, such as: Personal data such as device information and the type of browser you are using, your device's IP, the way of access the services we provide, name and email address at login, and all the data you enter into the custom fields, the duration of your browsing, the offers you have visited, all your interactions on the site.
What types of cookies do we use?
There are a number of types of cookies that we use and send to your device, such as:

Special cookies: Which are managed by us and sent to your device to organize and develop the data that we received to enhance the service to be matching with your interest
Cookies according to the duration of your Internet connection: Depending on how much time you are active on your device, such as:
Session Cookies: Stored data while you access our site, and these files are not stored on your device when you exit the site.
Permanent cookies: They are stored on your device after exiting the site and can be handled without visiting the site, and the cookie that stored on your device is valid for two years.
Cookies according to purpose:
Technical cookies: necessary to browse the site and allow customers to have additional features, without which you cannot access the site, use or compare any of our services or do the research.
Personal cookies: You get a number of services such as remembering your previous selections, providing more specialized services to you, and making your browsing easier, without the presence of personal cookies, we will not be able to provide those services to you.
Analytical cookies: They relate to the collection, analysis and measurement of your use of our site, the views and pages you have visited, and the error rates as you move between pages, and this type of file does not relate to your personal information, but is a statistical tool to use to develop our site.

Ad cookies: Use to find out which marketing types you prefer and how your ad routing mechanisms are best suited to your needs, and you can use that type of file to direct advertisements to you from third parties and marketers of other products that are not related to our services and products.
Why do we collect information?
G.W Technology Information Technology company uses the collected data for a number of purposes such as:

1. Provide better service:
To know the interests of customers and improve the level of service provided to them and know their needs and requirements.
2. Improve our offers:
All the information we collect helps us to improve and develop our offerings based on our available information.
3. Communicating via Email:
We use the email you provided to communicate with you, answer all your queries and questions, and send you our latest updates from time to time

How we Protect your information:
All channels through which your information is transmitted are subject to the global standards for the safety and security of digital information, G.W Technology Information Technology company protects your personal information collected through us in dealings between us and the client only, and such data is not disclosed to any third party under any circumstances.

When do we share some data?

All your personal information is confidential and is not dealt with except as governed by the terms and conditions and privacy policy. G.W Technology Information Technology company may share some of your data with a third party to provide a service on our behalf, or for purposes such as advertising marketing or survey investigations.

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